Feenix Claims Aria Headset Delivers "Audiophile Level" Audio to Gamers



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I hesitate to even consider any headphones that say they have "audiophile" quality because that is usually a type of marketing strategy to get people that really don't know anything about audio into buying their products.

I never judge a book by its cover though, so I'm not going to go as far as to say these suck, but to be fair there are probably a lot more options for 350$ to consider before straight up buying a set of cans from a company that has no prior audio history (from viewing their website).

People that are thinking about buying this, please, just please check the other options before this.



I doubt they're as good as their $350 price tag would lead you to believe, but I really like the look of them. I'm a sucker for nice wooden ear cups and good quality leather. Wish I could have afforded (well, justified spending) money on the Denon D7000s when they were still made... One of my fave headphones, just on looks alone (never got the chance to listen to 'em).

But I still have my Shure SRH440s and Sennheiser 598s, so I think I'll be okay!



The headphones may be decent (and anyone can make a headphone, like anything else, and claim the moon), but audiophile quality is dependent on the source and playback device as well, as everyone here should know. Without a respectable sound card/DAC and perhaps even a headphone preamp in the mix, and an above average software player, "audiophile" results are unlikely.



I will reserve my judgment until I test them. I have my stash of sennheiser, grado, and AT headphones already.

I find it sad that gamers will buy "gaming headphones" and think they hear quality audio, especially the garbage from Razer, because of marketing.



For $350 it better deliver what they claim!!!



$350? Hmm, you might be better off with a pair of Sennheiser HD598's and the $40 ModMic.



For a third of the cost you can get "studio grade" ( because studios actually use them ) Sony MDR-V6 and a cheap lapel mic.



And have the plastic film covering the ear cups wear off after a couple weeks....

Sony makes shit headphones.