Feenix Autore Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing Video

Clark Crisp

Minimalistic yet durable plank

If you think a keyboard needs to have macros and flashy lights to look good, think again. We recently got hands on with Feenix's Autore mechanical keyboard in our second product unboxing video and we were quite satisfied with its build quality and overall construction. It's so heavy that you could probably kill some zombies with it when the zombie apocolypse arrives. It looks pretty sweet, too!

The Autore features gold plated Cherry MX Brown switches and a gold plated modular mini USB to USB connection along with PS/2 adapter. There are no macros, lights, media controllers or otherwise fancy keys. Every Autore owner is assigned with a support manager and given their phone, email and Skype information. The keyboard currently retails for $163 and can be found on its company website.

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