Feenix Announces Nascita, a Driver-Free Gaming Mouse with Integrated LCD

Paul Lilly

A mouse for any grip style

Feenix is awfully proud to announce its new Nascita mouse for gamers. The highly hyped rodent supposedly offers a "perfect ergonomic feel" no matter how you choose to grip the mouse, whether it's using your palm, claw, or semi-claw. In addition, the Nascita doesn't require any special drivers or software. Just plug it in and you're ready to game with an 8200 dpi laser engine.

The mouse also features state of the art Omron switches for sift clicking with a 10 million click lifetime, in-mouse LCD technology, on-the-fly dpi adjustments, and an anti-sweat and anti-slp materals. Interestingly, Feenix says (PDF) the Nascita boasts a grip that "sets in over time, though the company didn't elaborate.

Feenix also launched its Dimora mouse pad with a micro textured sufrace design for low friction and smooth glide action. It has a single body structure and internal diamond-shaped pattern.

The Feenix Nascita gaming mouse and Dimora mouse pad are both available now for $97 and $36, respectively.

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