Feedly RSS Reader Goes Pro with $45 Yearly Subscription



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I abandoned Feedly a while ago. I don't trust them. Why do you have to have a Google account to use their service? You should be able to create a Feedly account. I moved on to The Old Reader and gReader.


Renegade Knight

I wanted them to import my Google reader feeds so I let them. Then they shut down their Android app and promise an update. Now they seem to have a promise to charge me for something.

We will see if I keep them around. It depends on their Android App when they do push it out.

I'm not paying a fee though. I'd rather buy an app that does RSS feeds for me. Than pay an ongoing fee for a service.



Ooo!! Another Monthly Bill!! America is turning into the Rental / Monthly Bill capital of the world where you don't own anything anymore, but you Lease everything pay a Monthly Fee.



If you got FireFox, go get "Brief" addon and enjoy the best free RSS Feed available on the net. Sigh.