Federal Judge Refuses to Reduce Marvell's $1.17 Billion Patent Infringement Fine



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I wonder what Detective Comics has to say about this ruling.



Carnegie Mellon is suspiciously close to the court where this case was heard. I'm not convinced that the judge was unbiased, that she doesn't want to see $1.17 billion flood into the coffers of a major player in the Pittsburgh area.



That is a perfectly possible suspicion.

I can say for certain that the people in this area (I live in the outskirts of Pitt) look up to Carnegie as the crowning achievement that rose from the ashes of our fallen steel industry.

Carnegie Melon University is our pride and joy out here. Leading the way in many areas of technology, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was a biased decision.

And while this last statement honestly does nothing to making the situation look any better.

If that kinda money was going to go somewhere in this city, Carnegie Melon is one of the few places here where I think it would be put to good use for the future of all of mankind.


John Pombrio

And the cost of all those attorneys involved in helping the patent case. Subtract a good third of it for "feeding the sharks".