Fearless ARM Boss Shrugs Off Intel Advance into Tablets

Paul Lilly

In the desktop world, Intel is where ARM (and every other chip maker) would like to be, and the reverse is probably true in the mobile handheld market. It's true that Intel dominates the netbook category, but it's ARM that has a jump on tablets. And guess what? ARM isn't all that concerned with Intel encroaching on its territory.

"[Intel] is still a long way apart in processors on the market," Warren East, Chief Executive of ARM, said in an interview with Reuters. "Unless they can make their processors smaller, they will struggle."

ARM is feeling spunkier than ever, having recently learned that Microsoft plans to support System on a Chip (SoC) architectures, including ARM-based systems, in its next version of Windows. Furthermore, East believes Microsoft's partnership with Nokia will delay the MeeGo operating systems, which is a joint collaboration between Nokia and Intel.

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