Fearing Exploit, Microsoft Patches PowerPoint


Hackers have targeted everyone from QuickTime users to epilepsy patients , so is anyone really suprised to see them now going after PowerPoint users?

That's the latest word from Microsoft, who noted that Mac users running PowerPoint are also vulnerable (no matter what Justin Long says), although there has been no evidence that hackers have tried to attack the platform. The "critical" vulnerability relies on the intended victim opening an infected PowerPoint file either downloaded from the web or received as an email attachment.

"At that point, the attacker would then have complete control over everything the user's account has permission to do on the system," said Alfred Huger, a senior researcher with Symantec.

Patches have been released for Windows users, but not for Mac computers. However, Microsoft did say it was working on one.

Image Credit: poweredtemplates.com

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