FDA Says Wicked Lasers Manufacturing Process Stinks

Ryan Whitwam

You may remember Wicked Lasers as the company that will sell you a laser with an emitter that looks like a lightsaber hilt . Oh, and the laser is strong enough to destroy your eyeballs, but that's still safer than a real lightsaber. Safe is a relative term though, and the FDA is the agency responsible for determining what is safe. The agency has sent Wicked Lasers a letter saying that it "disapproves the quality control and testing program for all laser products." Bummer.

The company now has the customary 15 days to refute the claim, ask the FDA for a reasonable exemption, or explain how it has fixed things. Wicked Lasers will also have to provide the FDA with a list of all the products they sell in the US. These high-power lasers are technically legal, but the import situation has always been a little shady. This action could be the first step in government action to ban the devices. They were previously on "import alert" delaying shipments.

Are you still hankering for one of these pricey, eyeball annihilating industrial lasers? Check out our review before you dare.

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