FCC Shill Meredith Baker Claims She's Not A Shill

Brad Chacos

We reported on Wednesday that Meredith Baker, one of the FCC commissioners who approved the NBC-Comcast merger, will be leaving her post to work for – you guessed it – Comcast. Don't forget to shut the "Impartial Agent of the Government" door behind you, Meredith.

The media has pretty soundly crapped on the move. The negative feedback isn't surprising – especially once you consider that Baker spent the entire approval process whining about the length of the process and trying to rubber-stamp the deal.

On her end, Baker's released a statement on the FCC website trying to convince everybody that the move was simply an astounding display of bad timing, rather than another example of you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours political maneuvering. “Not once in my entire tenure as a Commissioner had anyone at Comcast or NBC Universal approached me about potential employment.” Unfortunately, since the statement was released online, we couldn't see if Baker was crossing her fingers.

A signed ethics agreement prohibits Baker from lobbying the FCC for two years, but she's free to pull her Congressional strings immediately.

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