FCC Filing Hints at Larger Size Kindle Fire Tablet

Paul Lilly

It's looking increasingly likely that Amazon is gearing up to launch a full-size Kindle Fire tablet to sell alongside its existing 7-inch model that's been so popular up to this point. Courtesy of some savvy online detective work, it was discovered that Amazon once again may have used a shell company to sneak through paperwork for its next generation Kindle Fire device, though details are fairly light at this point.

The folks over at The Digital Reader received an anonymous tip concerning FCC documents recently posted, and when tracing the paper trail, it led to a company called Harpers LLC. We won't rehash the mundane details, but suffice to say, Amazon has a long history of using front companies to file paperwork with the FCC for unreleased Kindle devices, and it looks to be that way again.

Unfortunately, the paperwork is more than a little sparse, though the dimensions listed indicate it's likely this is a 9.7-inch or 10-inch tablet, probably with a 4:3 screen. If that's the case, the Kindle Fire 2 (or whatever Amazon decides to call it) would go head-to-head with Apple's iPad, along with the plethora of Windows 8/RT tablets on the horizon.

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