FCC Cracking Down on Cell Jammers

Ryan Whitwam

The FCC has made it known they are about to step up efforts to counter the use of cellular and GPS jamming equipement. The FCC is reminding people in the nicest possible way that these devices are illegal before they start increased enforcement. Some businesses and schools have taken to using these inexpensive devices to cut down on disruptive cell phone use. No more says the FCC.

In a new effort, the agency will be shutting down the sale of the devices as often as possible and encouraging people to report local businesses that are using them. In all honesty, it is a problem. Blocking a cellular or GPS signal can hinder 911 calls and other emergency service.

If you've got a jammer up for some reason, you might want to box it before a neighbor calls the feds on you. Use of the devices is serious business, and the FCC is itching to issue some fines. Violators could even end up in jail.

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