FBI Investigating 4chan "Anonymous" DDoS Attacks

Ryan Whitwam

It appears all that good natured DDoS-ing allegedly perpetrated by 4chan forum members has attracted the attention of the FBI . In the last few months, the group known as Anonymous has engaged in attacks on sites for the RIAA, Gene Simmons, the BPI, and other anti-piracy groups. The case may have been kicked into high gear when Anonymous attacked the US Copyright Office site last week.

A DDoS attack is a dead simple proposition. A particular web site is hit with huge amounts of traffic at a predetermined time. This almost always makes the site unreachable by overwhelming the servers. Participating in a DDoS attack could result in felony changes and large fines. In fact, a 23 year old from Ohio was just sentenced to 30 months in prison for (among other things) launching DDoS attacks.

Anonymous has always contended they are fighting for the free flow of information. The group considers the heavy-handed copyright laws to be a form of censorship. Those on the other side of the fence say they are simply trying to rationalize stealing content over p2p networks. Should members of Anonymous be prosecuted?

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