Fancy Flash Drive Looks Like A Mini TR-808 Synthesizer

Brad Chacos

You're a Maximum PC reader: there's a decent chance that you have the biggest, most badass custom build in town, full of water-filled tubes and blazing-fast GPUs and spiffy low-profile RAM kits. After dropping all that dough and spending all that time on your PC, plugging a standard flash drive into its USB 3.0 port just won't cut it. If our DJ-tech feature got you in a musical mude, maybe Alkotabeats' flashy TR-808 flash drive will tweak your tune. It's modeled after the paradigm-breaking drum machine that's so awesome, Kanye named an album after it.

"Hip Hop heads, Electro Heads, Synth Freaks, and more will all appreciate the detail put into this novelty 8GB USB Flash Drive," Alkotabeats' website boasts, and that's a good thing, because you'll need a baller-sized wallet in order to afford this thing – buying the 8GB drive will set you back $40. All right, maybe that's not so bad, but since you can pick up a basic 8GB drive for under $10 online, we'd kind of expect the ability to play some tunes on this thing for $40. And you can't – the TR-808 is just a dumb, albeit flashy, flash drive. It does support USB 3.0, though.

That being said, it's still cool. If it's your type of cool, you can preorder it now on the Alkotabeats website and expect it in your mailbox sometime near the beginning of October. They've also got a few other soundboard-inspired USB drives on their site for similar prices.

Thanks to Engadget for pointing this out!

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