Fanboy Creates Life Size, Fully Functional Gears Of War Lancer Out Of Legos

Brad Chacos

Give any geek a box of Legos and he’s bound to have a good time. While we love slapping together robotic creations made possible by those nifty Lego Mindstorms sets, our ability to come up with badass constructions is admittedly a bit weak. Frankly, we’d be lost without the instruction manual. One enterprising Lego fanatic named Plum B doesn’t suffer from our lack of creativity and engineering know-how, though; he just unveiled a life-sized, fully operational Lego replica of the chainsaw-sporting Lancer assault rifle from Gears of War.

All right, it’s not quite the real thing; it shoots rubber bands rather than super-charged active reload bullets. But it’s still pretty damned impressive! Those rubber bands shoot in either semi automatic or fully automatic mode and you reload them by swapping out stocked magazine cartridges that look just like its video game counterpart. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can stop shooting by activating the functional safety switch, and – wait for it – if you run low on ammo, you can take out your rage by firing up the working Lego chainsaw. It’s seriously awesome, and we can’t give [H]ardcop enough thanks for pointing it out to us . Check out the YouTube video above to see the Lego Lancer in its full glory, or check out Plum B’s page dedicated to showing off the project .

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