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Mine doesn't crash at all (hasn't crashed a single time since I've loaded it in - and I am running, and i'm currently level 18).  My problem is that occasionally my mouse curser lags a little when I navigate across my pipboy.  Also, it wil randomly jump from first-person perspective to third-person perspective . . . weird.

Lastly, and this may be common b/w PC, X-Box and PS3, but I've found several "holes" in the world out in the Wastelands.  One time a mob I killed fell into one, and I couldn't loot his body.


Hmmph . . . other than that, it's a spectacular game.  I agree with the '8' verdict!



Been having issues with game crashing when I try to save in different areas, like Megaton. Now I am running several mods, but never had a issue like that with any of them until i reached Level 16. Funny thing is, it also started crashing when that new patch came out 1.5 or w/e.  It doesn't always crash. I went thru all my mods and none are the issue. Because I reloaded a saved game that was 5 mins prior to the saved game I played in which I traveled to Megaton and then tried to save and game crashed. Reloaded the game before that, and I did the same thing and no crash in Megaton. It seems almost as if something is corrupting my game so that it won't let me save. I don't know what the problem is, I just know that none of my mods ever were a problem until that patch two or so days ago.



i would reccomend playing this one on console.  it doesnt crash...



I'm pissed, my save file's currupted (right after I met 3 dog), and I don't have any backups, nice job bethesda



Looked all over for my Right Bumper... guess Microsoft Reclusa Keyboards aren't as fully featured as the keyboards at MP's office... *sarcasm*.


Though they could've used a 360 Controller, but come on, Maximum PC... Minimum BS... they never said NO BS... and this isn't a podcast.



X-box screenshot? N00b!  ;)





you can use a 360 controller with the pc



no, they reviewed at least a month ago.  i remember reading this somewhere so it must have been one of the magazines, they probably just put the review on the site now.



Most disappointing review of fallout 3

First of all i played the entire game on my laptop (inspiron e1505) about 96 playing hours without a single crash (YES, it never crashed).

second, the game design and world is truely brilliant, it is true that main guest story is little disappointing but that is not a major issue, side quests are plentiful and great, u can play as long as u like.

Will, this game deserve a better review, a better score and a definite KICK ASS AWARD.

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after installing the newest patch i didnt get many crashes, the game is good, but it gets old after a while because it seems so repetitive.

 i miss the old fallout.



This game came out months ago, you're now just reviewing it?

As for the bugs, I really didn't notice any more or less than any other game right of the box. I'm currently going through the game for a 3rd time (neutral karma this time) and haven't felt the need to be paranoid about saving.



This game is very messed up and crashes like clock work.  I have reloaded windows, purchased a new video card, sound card and Maxed out my ram, and it still crashes.  Tech support from Bethesda was at best no help.  I have tried all the patches, tricks, and tweaks I have been able to find.   It appears to only be the software with Fallout 3.

I can play other "demanding" games (Bioshock, Call of Duty (All), with no issues.  Only this game crashes.

 That being said, the game play rocks, the graphics are great, and by saving a lot, I am slowly getting through the game.  Come on Bethesda; create the patches that fix this beast.






It doesn't crash "a lot" as the author says.  I've played two characters upwards of 150 hours since November and I can count on one hand the locks ups I've had.  Keep a clean, up to date PC, patch the game and you shouldn't have the kind of trouble mentioned in the article.  Heard the same thing about Oblivion ad nauseum and I had very little trouble in 1000 hours of play with it.  I think people are their own worst enemies where game stability is concerned.



Fallout 3 crashes more then a junkie on Jet.

I can count on one hand how many times it crashes on my system per hour, and it is the only game I seem to consistantly have problems with.

Guess your system has good Karma, check back in if you upgrade or change your configuration!



I know they're using an updated Gamebryo engine that Oblivion used, but what are the differences....really? V.A.T.S.? I meaan common. Where's the colors? Where's the variety in textures? The ambience of Fallout3 reminds me more of Doom3 than anything else. I realize the game should be gloomy, but is it really meant to be drab as well?

Bethsoft left Oblivion in an unfinished state; they were so excited to get the Fallout franchise they left Oblivion high and dry. As it is you have to use mods to get the game (oblivion) patched up.

Are they going to repeat this with Fallout3?

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Not only glitches, but serious bugs.

Max PC is the first review I've seen that's under 90% and isn't babbling on about "game of the year." Fallout 3 is good, yes, but it's just too f-d up technically to be great.

As ever, thanks for being honest guys.



Not to put Bethesda down, but have they always had crash glitches and others in all their games? Maybe it's because the worlds are so large and stuff that something is bound to happen no matter what.



Definitly have to agree with the glitch factors. You can so easily get pulled into the world, really start to hit your stride, and then some idiotic glitch just yanks you straight out of that immersion. By the time i had finished Fallout 3 i had over 1400 saves. I was bitten so many times by glitches just undoing my progress that i just started habitually saving every time i made an important decision, drastically altered my inventory, fired a risky shot, etc. That constant worrying and removal from the game stride really hurt the experience for me.



I just started playing this game, it's incredible, the combat system is, just unique, I'd call it the ultimate FPS/RPG hybrid