Fallout: New Vegas Dev Releases Mod That Makes Hardcore Mode Even More Hardcore

Brad Chacos

So what’s a poor RPG lover to do when he’s done slaying dragons in Skyrim? Mass Effect 3 isn’t coming out until spring. Rather than sitting on your couch and staring blankly into space, why not spend some quality time with a quality older title like Fallout: New Vegas? Yeah, it isn’t exactly new and it still has more bugs than a cheap motel, but there’s a damn fine game buried in there and one of its developers recently released a mod designed to make the game harder than ever before. There’s a catch, though.

In order for J.E. Sawyer’s mod to work, you need every single bit of DLC for the game installed on your machine. Of course, if you’re the kind of person who bulldozed his way through Hardcore mode and found yourself looking for more, there’s a good chance you already have a fair bit of that DLC installed.  If so, this mod will put your masochistic Mojave abilities to the test; it reduces your health and carry weight, makes Stimpaks uncommon (you’ll find expired Stimpaks in their stead) and generally makes the game incredibly tough thanks to over 200 different tweaks.

Sound like your cup of tea? RPGWatch has a list of some of the major tweaks along with a link to the mod’s .zip file . (A full list of changes is included in the zipped folder.) Be warned, though; although J.E. Sawyer is an Obsidian developer and he's put about 20 hours of playtesting in, this is in no way an official release.

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