Fall Back Fixups, SyncToy Sequel, and Other Windows News


Fall Back's Later This Year - Are You Ready?

Daylight Savings Time starts earlier and ends later this year in the US. If your Windows-based PC or mobile device muffed the 'spring forward' part of the transition, you might not have the updates installed to permit a smooth 'fall back'. Check Microsoft's Daylight Savings Time Help and Support Center to make sure your Windows-based PCs and devices are ready.

SyncToy, The Sequel

I've been using - and loving - SyncToy, the powerful free file synchronization Windows XP PowerToy for many months now. Version 1.4 works with Windows Vista, too. And, now, there's a more powerful update: SyncToy 2.0. The SyncToy 2.0 beta adds support for 64-bit Windows, file-attribute filtering, command-line support, encrypted file support, folder pair rename, and lots of other goodies to make it work harder than ever. Learn more about SyncToy's new features by reading the new SyncToy white paper (PDF format), and grab a copy of SyncToy 2.0 beta from the Downloads section of Microsoft.com. If you prefer version 1.4, it's still available here .

More About 'Forced' Windows Updates

Last week, we told you how Windows XP users were getting Windows Desktop Search 3.01 shoved at them via Windows Update , including systems that never used it before. What happened? As reported by ZDnet's Mary Jo Foley , Microsoft changed the rules for updating WDS after the original version of 3.01 was released, changing its status from update only if an older version was installed to an update everyone would receive. Microsoft says it will be making changes to this policy, and has posted methods for uninstalling WDS on the WSUS TechNet blog .

Ten Quiet Ways Windows Vista Beats Out XP

We've been pretty hard on Windows Vista lately , so it's only fair to point out ten behind-the-scenes ways that Windows Vista beats out Windows XP in usability and general coolness. Here's a sample:

  • - Real multithreading, so you can work with files or drives while performing other tasks
  • - Better information about system processes in Task Mananger.
  • - More control over photo viewing options.

Read the entire list at Wincustomize.com.


Mark Soper covers the good, bad, and ugly features in Windows Vista in his new book Maximum PC Microsoft Windows Vista Exposed: an Insider's Guide to Supercharging Windows Vista . It's available at Amazon.com , Barnes & Noble , BooksaMillion , and other fine bookstores.

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