Falcon Northwest Tiki Z Video Walkthrough



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Hey Gordon, just had to say hello, you look amazing—healthy!

Funny, I was checking this out over at Falcon’s website about a week ago and was genuinely impressed with their engineering, love it.

Keep up the great work, blessings to you and your family and all at Maximum PC, in Christ, sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 30 August 2014

PS... Bring back the Dog, woof!


Insula Gilliganis

- "Deputy Editor"?? When was this filmed?? Gordon has been the EIC for a while now!!

- Since the Tiki was reviewed in the September issue, I assume you have had this video "in the can" for a while. Why is this just being released to view instead of a month ago when that issue came out??

- "misunderstood Titan Z"?? The only thing "misunderstood" is why nVidia is charging $3000 while it is shown in the September issue that AMD's solution at half the price is on par with the Z!! And no one should be fooled thinking Falcon Northwest or any other systems integrator is paying anywhere close to $3000 for these cards!!

- Gordon says "The Titan Z takes a lot of power", yet ONLY a 600 watt that is "just enough to get it done".. WHAT?? I agree with Obsidian. you don't want to be running your PSU at near maximum all the time.. should be a 750-800 watt unit instead for some headroom and future proofing. Sounds like a place where Falcon Northwest cheaped out!!

- I do like the window feature!! The entire case looks great EXCEPT for (as others have pointed out) the cheap white logo on the front!! Should have blacked it out or placed a smaller logo on the side.

- The production of this video is very good (unlike the podcasts) but why the cuts of Gordon looking AWAY from the camera?? Someone trying to be ARTSY??

- Gordon.. don't "blah blah blah" us.. makes you sound like an idiot instead of a professional journalist!!

- Those big floating lights around Gordon gives him a Star Trek TOS "Return To Tomorrow" vibe!! http://www.theviewscreen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/returntotomorrow1-300x227.jpg

- MPC usually doesn't care about price.. unfortunately the REST of us do!! Who would buy this right as Haswell-E is about ready to arrive?? Bet this gets replaced with new innards very quickly!! And it begs the question, does anyone who reads MPC actually buy a pre-made system.. and a $7500 one at that?? The October issue has a Maingear Epic Force for almost $12000!! I am sure you review these "over the top, utterly expensive" rigs because Maingear and Falcon Northwest advertise in MPC.. but I highly doubt more than a handful of readers a year buy any of these super expensive designer rigs. I know.. it is probably for the same reason MPC spent $30,000 on Dream Machine 2014.. to give people something to dream about.. and fills up space in the magazine!!

- I like these videos.. just need to do MORE of them (the come out way too sporadic) and make them a bit more timely.

P.S. - I came in here using a different browser than normal.. usually use one that stops ads/popups. REALLY ignoring the ad/popup that shows up at this site!! Glad I usually don't see it!!



I think the Tiki looks great, better then the Bolt 2 because of the Bolt having the plastic dvd drive in front. I think both should drop optical all together since most dont use it anymore and I think most would agree better to have that wasted space for cooling and cable management. I think both Storm and Tiki should use custom modular power supplies and small silverstone thin cables to be truly custom and top cable management( forgive me if they do right now) With that said you are way better off buying say a small but not too small case lab s3 painting it the way you want and having awesome cooling and viewing in a mini itx, or mini atx package. Also if you have any problems shipping back to Falcon or Digital storm for repairs is expensive and will be lengthy time without your computer.

If you don't mind paying 50% more and like this look and understand the negatives of shipping to a boutique when issues I say go for it. I like the new aluminum stand with the tiki, the Granite did not mesh well



Excellent review, but I really dislike the look on this thing, the gloss HAS to go (personal preference). As Deadlift said, the graphics card air intake and gaudy Falcon logo both look absurd.

A 600-watt PSU just isn't enough to get the job done in the LONG term. Power supplies loose their efficiency when they get dust in them, and as they age. I feel like they cut this calculation a bit close for the long-term power envelope.

Can't believe that in the age of 4K monitors we are forced to face a single card solution that's $3000 in order to drive those pixels natively.

$7500 and only 8GB of RAM?! Was that a mistake or is this really the memory is ships with?

We can get two Bolt II for this cash, although the Raid (not even really necessary) 1TB SSD drives in this Tiki sure would be fantastic.



The cut out in the window for the card to intake air looks plasticy and cheap and that Falcon logo over the painted stripes looks awful and cheap as well.

The size and heat management here are impressive but dear God is it ugly. The Bolt may not be as powerful but the aesthetics are so much better. Get a new designer on the Tiki, Falcon. It's looked like crap since it debuted.