Falcon Northwest Mach V Review



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Lou Asheby

As an owner of a Mach V my advice is to avoid this company like the plague. Of course when working this is a nice rig. However, pray pray pray and pray some more that it does not break down. I don't quite know who is reviewing their service standards, but they are abominable. You will wait days, literally, to even speak with someone about your issue. And heaven forbid, if any hardware needs to be replaced. Because whatever they decide to send you will probably be old technology by the time they get around to sending it to you.

To date, the following hardware items have needed to be replaced:

Hard Drive
Disk Drive
Sound Card

Perhaps the over tweaking of their systems makes them too delicate for serious gaming.

This is is my personal experience. I have never worked with a vendor who felt like they were doing me a favor by selling me their product. Do yourself a favor and avoid Falcon Northwest no matter what.


Lou Asheby

An update. After the service management at FNW reviewed my service history, they very graciously have offered to update hard drive, mobo, storage and ram to current configurations. This is a move that separates average companies from great ones. I will be recommending Falcon Northwest to any serious gamers I meet.

I applaud their actions



If finding the only issue to be having 16Gb of RAM a problem, try a system with 24Gb of it like mine sheesh, it's called trying to futureproof sometimes ! plus with Win7 Pro x64 using Virtual PC, it's nice being able to run mroe than 4 VMs at once and still the system moves nicely.



My thoughts too. "16GB is overkill" was an ill-considered comment to me.  RAM is dirt cheap ($48+ per 8GB) and this is a machine that is targeted at people with deep pockets. It's such a negligible addition in BoM, why not max the thing out and call it a day, further furture-proofing the thing?


Keith E. Whisman

Hey Gordon, can I have this please?



If 16GB of ram is the only fault you can find with a system, then it's got to be a damn good system.  Plus, Grace Park was one of my favorite cylons.



The RevoDrives are rediculously fast, but You don't really get much out of it other than great boot times and bragging rights. I own the first RevoDrive and it's really nice, but if I had to make concessions for a budget it would eb the first thing to go.



Hey guys, judging by the specs of >700Mb/s read and write on these Revo drives - It seems you should be doing a review.

What are your thoughts on them - is there any downside apart from the cost ?