Factery Labs Launches "Real Time Fact Engine"

Pulkit Chandna

While search engine companies are preoccupied with real-time indexing and search, it is just as vital in this age of brevity that real-time search results contain something that is more valuable than relevant links: pertinent facts. Factery Labs has launched a new tool that lets the user browse and search for relevant facts.

It benefits the user by grabbing all the facts related to a particular search term. The website features pre-populated widgets under various heads, including Sports, Money, Entertainment, World, and Tech. Each widget is dedicated to a trending topic and contains all the facts that the company's “real-time fact engine” finds relevant.

Of course, it is possible to perform an entirely new search. Factery Labs' founder Paul Pedersen told Cnet that Factery Labs plans to add a log-in system in the future, making it possible for users to save their search history.

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