Facebook's Active Users Dwarf Most Continents' Total Internet Users

Brad Chacos

While we were busy listening to all the Spotify coverage at F8 a few weeks back, the Zuck let a little something else slip that we missed at first: Facebook’s active user base is now over 800 million strong. Let that number sink in. 800 million. It’s utterly massive. How massive? One website crunched the numbers and found that the Facebook of 2011 is as big as the entire Internet of 2004 and a whole host of other things.

Just to play the devil’s advocate, we’d like to point out that the Internet usage stats that Royal Pingdom linked to shows that the Web crossed the 800 million mark around October 2004, but we get their point nonetheless. Some other fun bits: Facebook’s user base is larger than any continent’s Internet population except for Asia’s, and Facebook users outnumber the combined population of Russia and all of Europe combined! Plus, Facebook citizens outnumber US citizens 2.5 times over. When you put it that way, Google+’s 30 million-plus users suddenly don’t seem quite as impressive…

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