Facebook Working to Put News Before Memes



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How about one that automatically unfriends anyone who does one of those stupid "let's post where you fart for colon awareness month, but don't tell anyone what it really means" posts they have all the time around October?



I want all the posts from all the people I follow in the order they are posted. I will make the decisions about I believe is worth reading and what is not. If someone continuously posts junk, I will remove them from my own list. Thank you, FB.



Can I opt out of both?



facebook is falling into entertainment, and entertainment overload is what killed myspace not to mention their falling away from old friends that they are stuborn to leave behind. friends lists get bigger and bigger and the people you actually care about is the low 10% and moving to facebook was like cleaning house for them, but now facebook friendlists are getting too big and true friends and family aren't actually seeing what you post.



Somehow I doubt their "prioritizing" will be any better. More of whoever pays the most gets their story displayed to the most people. The stuff I do care about is filtered out from my timeline because it doesn't fit their business interests. But then again, I agree with the guy below me in that there isn't that much important information posted to Facebook. Unless you like cats, baby photos, drama, people complaining all year round, those same people being thankful during the month of November, Myspace style quizzes resurfacing in statuses, bad decisions, questionable pictures and, 'Murica.



wait...there's stuff of value posted on facebook?