Facebook Testing Auto-Play Ads on Mobile Feeds



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I hate auto-play video in all of its forms. Having to sort through my tabs to find the obnoxious video that started playing itself is most annoying.

Most annoyingly are when news articles feature autoplaying videos: if I want to watch the video, instead of reading the article, then I'll click the Play button; even the AP has used them.

Is there a way, slight tangent, to easily disable autoplay video in Firefox w/o affecting anything else?



I promise you, I hate this even more than you do. I currently use FlashControl for Chrome. It blocks pages from loading any flash elements and then allows you to click inside the block to activate whatever flash elements you would like on the page. I don't think it stops all video, but it works for me. But the real problem is the browser developers and standards committees that have exposed these elements to web developers in the first place. There is no reason developers should have the ability to auto pop-up or auto play anything without your explicit permission. But unfortunately, the advertisement community has a larger voice than consumers. And because advertisement pays for much of the free stuff we use everyday, it has bought it's way into our browsers and onto our desktops in an egregiously obtrusive manner.



Well, I'll be getting rid of that app now. It's already slow as hell. Everything else works fine, but FB app is a piece of shit.



I do not mind most advertisements. But I can"t stand videos that start automatically or in-your-face popup ads. They do not make me want the product. They just piss me off.

They must work though because companies keep doing it. So, I resort to using an ad blocker and miss the ads I really want to see.



Yet another reason to use g+.



I don't have a Facebook account, and yet, somehow, I continue existing in the real world.



...and I am testing adblock plus...




Just what I needed to push me off of facebook.



If you have Windows 7, you can use the FaceBook desktop chat application "Messenger for Windows." (works on Windows 8 too.)
Not much of a point in visiting the site if all you use it for is chatting with friends, like I.

If you have Windows 8, you can use the messenger app and merge Facebook with that. You can easily slide it off to the side of the desktop without it taking up much real estate, and it comes with a spell check.



Unless you have unlimited data time on your phone your time will be eaten up quickly with unwanted advertisements.



I don't know what phone you have, but my blackberry's Evolution browser has a built in addblock that works beautifully. You should see if your phone has it available.



Unfortunately Facebook will probably disguise the ads as legitimate posts from your friends, as they do now. Also, most mobile users access Facebook through a native app, not the browser. Adblock probably wouldn't do much good, in that case. If it were possible to use add-ons with the Facebook app a video-blocking plugin (kinda like Flashblock) would be more effective - that way you'd have to click "play" before anything starts playing.

One thing the Facebook money machine obviously hasn't considered: Many Facebook users check in with their phone at work. Having their phones suddenly start making noise when they're trying to sneak a peak at their news feed or post a status update is going to cause a lot of people a lot of trouble, and those people will quickly stop using the app...