Facebook Improving Efficiency of Data Servers With Potatoes



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This has to be fake news. It just has to be.

This is almost as absurd as when Google announced that it was going to unleash hordes of goats on its campus to keep the grass short. This Facebook initiative is less green and more expensive than what it was intended to replace, just as the Google Goat program was.

I wouldn't want to be the one handling those lids, or being near them as they get heated by the servers, as soy is rife with xenoestrogen.



This totally sounds like a PR ploy!

Remove the server covers to replace them with different covers made from bio-plastic instead? Exactly how would this change anything in terms of air flow and efficiency unless they had a custom design in mind? (which is not mentioned at all in the article) Sounds to me like just a way they can say they're using a green product.

On top of that, unless they're telling the server manufacturer to stop supplying covers because they've got their own, then this all ends up being LESS green, because now they've got to toss or recycle the original covers and replace them with the spuds, which ends up being more total resources then just keeping the original lids in the first place.