Facebook Built a Prototype Storage System Using 10,000 Blu-ray Discs



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maverick knight

It says for backup purposes, obviously this is for their own benefit. They save on HDDs and electricity. This apears to not affect the end user at all.

Its much like me saving my photos and videos in a BD for backup, which I do anyway.



So now all our photos will be permanently stored even after we deleted them...



I like your pov



So Facebook is doing what has long been done with magnetic tapes, only using Sony's PITA optical disc in lieu of the tapes?

Perhaps this will finally spur consumer blurays into action: 25 GB and 50 GB discs are much too small and optical drives are still much too slow.



I'm dubious at the cost saving and energy conservation reason. The medium itself is more expensive per byte and the slower transfer rate, seek time, etc could lead to the drive being on longer and consuming more energy.



That last paragraph is the whole reason I clicked on this article. I just had this scenario in my head of some guy clicking on an old picture on someone's Facebook and a red light going off in a Firestation-like room in Facebook's headquarters. Suddenly, some underpaid intern grabs a disk from a shelf, slides down a pole and rushes to a bank of USB BD drives, trying to insert it as fast as possible. He suddenly slips and falls, sending the disk flying across the floor, perminantly erasing gigs of personal data... and the guy on the other end wonders why the picture is taking so long to load...



Oh come on, you can't have an intern sitting around all day waiting for a red light to go on. This system seems to harvest the massive technological power of the jukebox. Arthur Fonzarelli provides the tech support.



ha ha Interns in leather jackets standing by each box ready to horse kick it when it gets stuck