Facebook Begins Rolling Out ‘Nearby Friends’, Plans to Sell Data to Advertisers



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Isn't this a late-to-the-party ripoff of "NSA California's", aka Google, Latitude program?

...assuming geico hasn't already bestowed Scrooge McDuck-esque pools of money upon Rockwell, singer of "Somebody's watchin' me", corporate shenanigans like this + the NSA definitely have.



So then big brother wouldn't even need a warrant to track your history of movement, since you've already 'chosen' to make that information public and available.

Well, stupid is as stupid does...



It seems like the article states that the information isn't available unless it is a friend and you have specifically chosen that friend to receive information. Otherwise, it's the same as it has always been...



Big brother (numerous united states federal government agencies) already do NOT need a warrant to very clearly watch over any and all adult americans.

Agencies like the NSA have the ability to live track just about anyone, and do in fact log nearly everyone in america. Even civilians are able to easily track most anyone to a lessor extent. Ever hear of a tire pressure monitor? Those monitors have unique identifiers. Outside of that example, all it takes is a minor bit of creativity.

Also, how about all of the people out there who have any mobile device which has the monthly service paid for by the employer. That the employer is easily able to monitor all kinds of activity about the device.

Privacy does not exist in america, and it's been that way for almost two decades now