Facebook to Acquire Oculus Rift Developer for $2 Billion



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Next up, you can play the next "new-gen" Doom game on Facebook within your web browser!



Wow, I’m really torn on this. First off I’m kind of glad they have a bunch of investment to make great VR gear. However, they had already secured funding before this deal. I’m also bitterly disappointed. I invested in a gamer hardware Kickstarter project, not a giant privacy violating corporation. Can you imagine the user agreement that is going to accompany any future Oculus product. They are going to sell all the data they collect on what people view through the headset, while placing adds everywhere. Wow, I feel betrayed. I’m reluctant on buying the second kit now. It is not me and the community supporting a game changing upstart, but a giant wealthy uncaring corporation using our hard earned money to do its development work for it. I could even stomach that, but when I know they will not have the integrity to secure the personal data of the community that funded the birth of the technology, that is something I can’t feel good about supporting. I guess we have to see what Avegant, and castAR come out with. I could still get behind it if the Oculus team came out in print stating that all future Oculus products would have a strict privacy policy, and ad limits. However, that is something I doubt I’ll ever see.



A sad day indeed when a social media company buys a device made for gaming and design. Facebook says they hope it will help the social environment. ummmmm last i checked oculus isn't made to be worn all over the place like a normal pair of glasses. its made to be used with a computer or tv as a peripheral so i don't see how they say its going to help social media. Its just going to drop stocks create a device as useless as the Facebook android phone that got pulled after a month because no one bought it and ruin a potentially amazing device.



As much as I can't stand Facebook, at least it keeps it out of the hands of Google.



If he has any sense he'll unload all that facebook stock while it's still worth something.



They bought it because they were afraid that somewhere in the world, someone wasn't seeing their advertising 24/7.

"Strap-on advertising."

How's that for a new, sadly-appropriate catchphrase?

"Strap-on advertising. Brought to you by the good folks at Facefuck."




Someone will just come up with a Rift -version of Ad Block Plus and Ghostery (aweseome on Chrome).



I think Zuckerberg wants to bring the movie, "Surrogates", to life. Think about it. You lay in your easy chair all day doing Facebook through Oculus Rift. Now if we only could work from home.



Can't blame the Oculus guys. It's the new American dream: come up with some good idea, make it sound good enough so it generates buzz, then sell it to a giant corporation.

Instead of trying (and failing) to explain to the public why it's a good thing, they should have just been honest and said "Dudes, wouldn't YOU have done the same?"

This is great news for Sony, Microsoft would have been the natural buyer for OR to compete with Sony's recently unveiled VR product. Unless MS has something hidden they haven't talked about yet.






This opens a huge door for Valve. We know they are working on their own VR headset, even if they said they didn't have any plans to release it to the public. I wonder if this changes their minds.



I am inclined to agree (and hope) that if all else fails, Valve will bring gaming VR to the masses.



Why is it that people would look to Valve for leadership in this role? They don't have a history of hardware releases, so they are the last folks I'd expect to pioneer the consumer VR market.



Just another college dropout tech billionare. Move along....nothing to see here, folks.



One of the biggest overreactions I've ever seen on the internet. Palmer tried very hard to address people's concerns on Reddit, only to be downvoted to oblivion. People are actually telling him he can't make the claims he's making as if they know more about the terms of the acquisition better than he does. The man is passionate about what he does, and I'm sure the same can be said about most of the people at Oculus. If he says that OculusVR will operate as an independent entity, then that is the case until we see otherwise. All we know is what he is telling us. And so far he's told us that the additional capital will allow Oculus to develop custom hardware for the consumer version, as well as allow the consumer version to be sold at a cheaper price. That's pretty exciting news IMO. And should we actually see Facebook interfering, then freaking out would be understandable.



To quote: "Update: We're on the call now, and Mark Zuckerberg is already pointing out Facebook's acquisition of Instagram as an example of how the company is getting experience buying properties and allowing them to continue to operate independently. Zuckerberg called out virtual reality as one of the computing platforms of the future -- following desktops and mobile -- and yes, talked about building Facebook's advertising into it. Specifically, he talked about the potential of a virtual communication network, buying virtual goods, and down the line, advertising."


Notice how facebook is going to build advertising into it. Over reaction? I don't think so.



"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."
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On the other hand, crashing is also a perfectly valid form of flight, you just happen to be going the wrong way.



/v/ is going bananas over this news. It'll be a real shame if Facebook do shelve this, but guaranteed if they do that someone else will kickstart and *not* sell out.



Well, I was interested in this, not anymore.


Renegade Knight

Facebook has always been known for it's gaming prowess. I can see this being a major coop for the soon to be released Facebook Console.

Actually if Facebook had the money to help them achieve their goals they would have paid more than 400 million in cash. Instead what they have is a little bit of cash from a company that has nothing whatsoever to do with anything you might want to use VR for. Except Maybe helping Facebook move into the "Social Sexting" arena.


Philippe Lemay

> "Facebook has always been known for it's gaming prowess."

Indeed, no one else can bring us top triple-A titles like FarmVille, Smurfs Co, or Kitchen Scramble. These deeply immersive and innovative games are exactly the kind of thing that Oculus Rift needs to bring us into a new generation of VR gaming.



ditto. comment of the day.



Thank you Mr. Lemay for making my day with that commnet...



Best comment of the day.



You can kiss those Goggles goodbye. Only reason facebook bought it was to box it and put it in the warehouse.


Peanut Fox

Oculus has always been an interesting piece of tech. Being able to grab a guy like John Carmack and getting him into development has been a big help for improving the platform. Adding the financial backing of Facebook does a lot to boost the potential success of Oculus' VR technology.

From here on all they need is a killer app, or some mainstream public interest for it to take off.

I'm curious if FB likes where Oculus is going now, or if they have other plans for that technology.



I'm not too happy about this acquisition, I think Valve would have been a more suitable company to take it over.

That said, while at first it seems like an odd couple, there are similar mergers out there...

Microsoft bought up Skype a few years back, and to me that's the most analogous to this one. MS bought Skype primarily for communicating over it's Xbox platform, which begs the question, is Facebook trying to increase it's communication capabilities, or do the inverse of MS, by adding a Gaming platform?

That would be an even more odd scenario, but you know Zuckerberg needs to find more profitable markets than Facebook itself, as evidenced by it's stock price vs when it was made public.

What if Zuckerberg's long-game is to do the opposite of Microsoft purchasing Skype? Adding a gaming platform to their existing social networking platform?

There's been a number of upsets in the console arena, and I wouldn't put it past Zuckerberg to take a page out of Valve's book and create a PC console. It's not like it can't be done, especially with a VR headset IP, social network and it's online-gaming platform, and a massive amount of servers, internet infrastructure, and cash to throw at such a project.



There was nothing odd about MS purchasing Skype, as MS already had a similar service called Lync. MS purchase Skype to improve Lync, and to integrate it into Windows, not just the Xbox. Facebook has nothing of the kind that is remotely similar to Oculus VR.


John Pombrio

Like SONY's Virtual Reality headset, Like MS's VR , I always assumed that the Oculus Rift was for VR or VR 3D gaming. The last place I thought of using VR was for socializing. Yes, it could be done but you would need a VR camera as well as a VR headset to pull this off. does FB or Oculus have a VR camera that we don't know about? Otherwise, this just money spent becuase they liked the hype surrounding the company and nothing about synergy is involved.



I've been a huge supporter of the Oculus Rift since I first saw it a few years ago. As the months have drug on and on to years it was kind of clear that the technology had faltered. They lost one of the founders to a tragedy in 2013 and haven't really been the same since.

They did pick up John Carmack, but how does Carmack feel now? Can't feel good to go from FPS pioneer, to game engine god, aerospace enthusiast, to VR trailblazer and then fall into Facebook's portfolio.

This device just died a faster death than it might have. I'm not exactly sure that Oculus is worth $2 Billion. I guess, what's the point of Facebook having all that money if they are not acquiring companies with it?

It would have made more sense for Valve to buy them up.

My speculation as to what FB might want with Oculus, I'm thinking perhaps a competitor to Google Glass, or a multitasking social-media data mining tool that will tie the Oculus VR software into big data used by FB for targeted advertisement delivery. TV viewing while on FB with a tablet or phone is the norm now; with Oculus VR the illusion of privacy is there too while allowing for the same functionality.

Or porn, it could be that FB is going to get into that area. That industry did bring on home video and internet credit card transactions, so although it's not a topic that gets a lot of serious discussion, it is very big business.



Who wants this? Wait, what's that? Nobody? Hey guys, guess what? Nobody wanted this!

Seriously though, this is like a huge kick in the gut for Occulus and VR in general IMO. It's too much. We don't need it, and at the risk of sounding hipster, it's going to become too mainstream, and from that, people will try to capitalize on it, and in the wrong way. In-game ads, anyone?

Also, privacy issues.



Maybe This will enhance all the fake friends FB users have.



What could FB POSSIBLY have to do with Oculus Rift? All a load of BS. Can't wait for this to fail miserably.



Makes sense to me. VR is the future of internet porn, and porn is the future of Facebook.



FarmVille VR!



Bizarre purchase. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other in the scheme of product offerings.