Facebook Working to Put News Before Memes

Brittany Vincent

Expect more links to show up on your feeds

Sick of seeing that same badly-Photoshopped meme about 'Merica with bald eagles and something or other about freedom for the third time? What about pictures of babies? Great news -- Facebook is working to prioritize "high quality" news stories on user feeds rather than memes or similar types of content.

This news comes by way of Facebook's most recent blog post, where the social network has made the promise to better distinguish between news posts and just another meme someone's posted -- examples include pieces on recent events and social commentary being heralded over photos from Imgur and the like. If you click on a link to an article that's been promoted because of its content type, Facebook will also bring up recommendations to "help discover" additional content you may or may not find interesting.

The push is directed to generate more discussion amongst users, but at the same time links that are posted aren't always going to direct to content that people find more entertaining than memes. If you use Facebook, do you think this is a push in the right direction?

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