Facebook Update Rolled Out for Windows 8.1 Users

Brittany Vincent

New features include New Stories and 320 snap view

Windows 8.1 users who spend a lot of time on Facebook will be delighted to find the social networking app has been updated with a slew of additional features. Given the fact that Windows apps often go ahead and complete updates in the background, these new features may come as a surprise to some users, but for the unenlightened, we'll outline what you can expect the next time you get the urge to look at photos of babies and cats. That's what Facebook is now, right?

The latest version of the Windows 8.1 Facebook app includes New Stories notifications to alert you when something new is going on, the option to create new albums straight from your Photos page. You can also utilize the 320 snap view for the app and a smileys sticker pack for messaging. Editing posts has been streamlined, as well as which news items show up in your timeline. If you've already read it, the update will also endeavor to delete older posts to de-clutter.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty efficient update for heavy Facebook users. Will you be checking it out to see if your overall social networking experience has been improved?

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