Facebook to Unveil "Drastically Simplified" Privacy Options

Ryan Whitwam

It looks like Facebook is actually planning to make some changes in the wake of repeated recent privacy issues. While on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, Facebook's VP of product, Chris Cox said that so-called " drastically simplified " privacy controls will roll out starting tomorrow. Many were skeptical about the likelihood of real changes this soon, but Cox claims the new controls will ease privacy fears.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post admitting Facebook had made mistakes. Some did, however, note he neglected to actually apologize for said mistakes. When the changes start taking place, we'll see if Facebook is actually listening to the concerns. It is unlikely that Facebook will cease the practice of requiring users to opt out of privacy changes, though.

We're a little concerned with the implications of "drastically simplified". There is such a thing as too simple. What are your predictions for Facebook's new privacy controls? Will it make more sense, or just lead to new complaints?

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