Facebook to Finally Announce Music Streaming Service in September

Ryan Whitwam

The rumors have been swirling for months, but according to CNBC, a Facebook music platform is set to launch in September . The source claims that Facebook will be partnering with some music streaming heavyweights in Spotify, Pandora, and MOG. Facebook is staying silent, but the frequency and specificity of the rumors lead most to believe something is coming soon.

The date of September 22 is being floated for an announcement, which coincides with the Facebook F8 conference. There are already ways to connect music services with Facebook Connect, but the site would benefit from keeping people logged on while they listen. This would give Facebook more data, and more opportunities to serve ads.

Facebook has not been negotiating to become a music retailer itself, much to the dismay of record labels. So the streaming option would likely be standalone. We assume there would be social listening features built in. Perhaps users will be able to listen simultaneously to the same track. Would you use a Facebook music service? If there is a fee, what is fair?

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