Facebook Testing Trending Topics With Some Users

Brittany Vincent

Facebook borrowing from Twitter in certain ways

If you find yourself flocking to Twitter when you need a quick update on what's hot online, you may soon be checking Facebook as an alternative. According to The Wall Street Journal (via PCMag ), Facebook is currently trying out a "trending" box of its own.

Located at the right side of your news feed, the Trending topics would be based on hashtags, used in the same way as Twitter. So while you might still be looking at hashtags on Facebook and feeling as though they're completely alien to the social networking site, it appears Facebook has plans for them to go even further.

Privacy and security settings are, as always, a hot topic when it comes to the 1.1 billion monthly active users, so the usage of hashtags and Trending topics may also cause some controversy of their own if not implemented correctly. Is Facebook desperately trying to implement more of the features that make Twitter so addictive?

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