Facebook Says "Smoking Gun" Evidence Proves Ceglia to be Fraud

Ryan Whitwam

When New York resident Paul Ceglia made the shocking claim last year that he owned half of Facebook, there was a palpable mixture interest and disbelief on the Internet. After some legal wrangling, Facebook has now said they have the “ smoking gun ” proving that Ceglia fabricated the claims. As for what it is, Facebook isn’t saying.

Ceglia was ordered last month to hand over his computers to Facebook so they could be examined. Ceglia claimed to have emails and contracts proving that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg signed over control of the company to him. It was the data on his computer that has convinced Facebook’s investigators that Ceglia is a fraud.

The next hearing is scheduled for August 17, where Facebook will seek to make the evidence public. Facebook is valued at nearly $70 billion on the private market. Do you think Ceglia will see any of that?

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