Facebook Puts Instagram in Motion with 15 Second Video Clips

Paul Lilly

Move over, Vine

It's been rumored for several days now that Facebook would inject video recording and sharing capabilities into its Instagram service, and lo and behold, that's exactly what the social networking site has done. Dubbed Video on Instagram, you can now record clips up to 15 seconds in length simply by tapping the movie camera icon. There are also 13 new filters added specifically for this new functionality.

"We’re excited to see what the community will bring to video, whether it’s your local cafe showing you just how they made your latte art this morning or an Instagrammer on the other side of the world taking you on a tour of their city, a mother sharing her joys in parenting as her children laugh and play or your favorite athlete taking you behind the scenes," Instagram announced in a blog post .

Don't worry if all you're interested in is shooting photos, you can still do that. Furthermore, Instagram reiterated that you, the user, has full control over all of your content. The only people that can see your videos are the ones you've allowed to see your photos.

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