Facebook Posting Errors Force People to Communicate Face to Face

Paul Lilly

Social network turns shy

Menlo Park, we have a problem. Users are reporting issues with posting status updates to Facebook this morning, as apparently a sitewide error is disrupting the service. Not only are some users hampered from posting status updates, they also can't send messages, upload photos, or even "Like" posts. In other words, for those affected, the interactivity portion of Facebook is not working.

I haven't seen the error myself, but according to Mashable , those affected will see a pop-up message that reads, "There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes," when trying to post something to Facebook.

The problem seems to have first occurred early this morning. By about 9 AM CDT, the Chicago Tribune noted that "some functionality has returned," like being able to post to business pages, but that commenting was still hit or miss. In addition, it says birthday wishes aren't working.

The website Down Right Now (not to be confused with Down For Everyone or Just Me , both of which are handy bookmarks) indicates Facebook is likely experiencing a "service disruption," and based on user complaints, it appears to be a worldwide issue.

Facebook hasn't commented on the problem.

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