Facebook Plans Massive Recruitment Drive in New York

Paul Lilly

Facebook is determined to double up its workforce, and it plans to do that by hiring "thousands of employees" in the Big Apple. The world's largest social networking playground has already begun accepting applications as it prepares to open a new engineering center in New York City next year, the first of its kind in the East Coast. Facebook currently employs around 100 people at its New York facility, compared to around 3,000 employees in California.

"We'll be adding thousands of employees in the next year," Facebook Chief Operating Officer Cheryl Sandberg said in a statement, according to Fox News .

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was on hand at the press conference to let residents know Facebook is "accepting applications now if any of you need a job." He also lauded NYC's growing appeal as a tech destination, in which high-tech jobs in the city have grown by 30 percent in the past year.

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