Facebook Now Rotating Ads Users Want To See

Brittany Vincent

Facebook changing up ad algorithms

Facebook can't leave well enough alone, what with video ads, new search methods, and the various changes the social network juggernaut is continually kicking around. Now it at least appears to be attempting to alleviate the sting of ads by showing users only the ads they want to see. Thank you Facebook, as your "targeted" ads were more than a little insulting, more often than not.

PC World reports Facebook is willing to take the risk of losing ad exposure to help users see only the ads they're interested in by changing its ad algorithms. This should provide users with much more relevant advertisements to, in turn, increase revenue. Facebook already utilizes info from marketers and its audience when attempting to better place ads. The system is now going to depend more on user feedback to improve the ads shown on a rotating basis.

Users who hide certain ads or users who share, comment or like specific ads will be actively participating in this new feedback system. With this and the series of changes Facebook has introduced to news feeds over the past few months, it's safe to say we're looking at a brand new face of the network. Hopefully, like this one, any changes introduced in the near future will be positive ones.

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