Facebook Lets You Start a Tab, Knows You're Good for it

Ryan Whitwam

Facebook is testing a new payment option to encourage people to invest in Facebook Credits. The social networking giant is testing  a "pay later" option on some games, Inside Facebook is reporting. Facebook has already negotiated with the top social game designers (like Zynga) to make Facebook credits the exclusive form of currency on the site. Apparently, the biggest barrier to users spending money was getting them to enter their payment information on the spot. That's where Pay Later comes in.

Users will be prompted to let Facebook bill them for the unpaid credits later. If they proceed, their account will show a negative credit balance with a link to "repay". An email will also be sent with a link to repay the credits. Users are not required to settle up before buying more content with Pay Later. It is unclear is Facebook will set a limit on Pay Later transactions.

We're not sure any of this is a good idea. Some users have a tendency to drop large sums of cash on social games. Letting them run up debts on Facebook could be trouble. What happens if people don't pay? Does Facebook hire some guys to "explain the situation"?

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