Facebook Kills Lite Version of Site

Ryan Whitwam

When Facebook launched Facebook Lite back in September it was a breath of fresh air. For many, the design of the regular site is confusing and cluttered. The Lite edition was great if you just wanted to pop in and checkout what your friends were up to. But all good things must end, and in this case it's ending too soon. Facebook is pulling the plug on the stripped down site. Trying to access the Facebook Lite now results in a redirect to the main site.

Facebook Lite used a very minimalist design. Users found a simplified settings menu, no obtrusive menu bars, and no applications bugging them. It was about the update stream more than anything else, and that's certainly enough for a lot of people. So why is the site going away? It's probably due to the fact that no one could find it. You had to know it was there to use it.

Facebook used to be a lot more like Facebook Lite, but as the service grew, feature creep set in. Not all the changes were awful taken by themselves, but the overall Facebook experience is becoming bloated. We're sorry to see Facebook Lite go. Hopefully they can learn some lessons from this experiment. Did you ever use Facebook Lite? Were you still using it when they dropped support?

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