Facebook Improving Efficiency of Data Servers With Potatoes

Brittany Vincent

French-fried server lids?

We talk a lot about Facebook lately, implementing video ads and other bizarre new features, but this time around we're going to talk about potatoes. While other companies are implementing more widely-accepted strategies to stay green, Facebook has toyed with using potatoes in its servers to keep things cool.

Yes, potatoes. As just one part of the Open Compute Project, PCWorld reports , Facebook aims to improve efficiency of its various servers and data centers. When they attempted taking the top lids of their servers away in a bid to remove anything that wasn't useful, they attempted fashioning lids out of the same material used in creating Spudware kitchen tools. They're 80 percent starch and 20 percent soy oil, and while it smelled delicious in the office, the thermal lid created from Spudware ended up failing the efficiency test.

The social networking juggernaut is exploring other venues and options, such as running their data centers devoid of air conditioning, and building their centers from scratch. Even though it wasn't exactly efficient, we're still partial to the potatoes.

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