Facebook Graph Search Available in US July 8th

Brittany Vincent

Facebook introduces a new way to search for content

In case you needed another reason to spend all day on Facebook, the social media behemoth is delivering another way to keep you engaged -- or looking up exes and old acquaintances.

Facebook is set to reveal its Graph Search tool to American users on Monday, July 8th. The new tool is a powerful new way to search through data stored on Facebook to find new friends with similar interests or even a new spot for dinner.

The feature has been in beta since January, and will be rolled out to everyone in the United States and anyone who uses Facebook in American English. It will be released in waves, and could take a few weeks to reach all of the appropriate users.

For right now, Graph Search is only available on the desktop version of Facebook, with no information on when or if the feature will receive an international release or mobile version.

Source: The Verge

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