Facebook Game-Maker Zynga Encourages Education With New PrivacyVille Game

Brad Chacos

Zynga and Facebook go together like peanut butter and jelly or beans and franks: it's hard to imagine one without the other. Who doesn't like to enjoy a quick game of Mafia Wars or Farmville when they're done checking in on their friends? But Zynga wants to point out that its an apple to Facebook's orange in one crucial way: privacy. Zynga suffers when users shun Facebook due to privacy concerns, so the company just released a new game called PrivacyVille to walk users through their privacy policies in an interactive way.

When we say it's a new game, we should say it's a new "game;" it's more of a tour and not really all that fun when you get down to brass tacks. You'll learn about all aspects of Zynga's policies in PrivacyVille , including advertising, email communications, security, technical info and more. If you make it to the end and answer a couple of lightweight questions about the policies, you'll net an extra 200 zPoints for the company's RewardVille, which lets you obtain free items for use in Zynga's games.

"We think this is an important step in creating a recognizable interface to explain privacy, as opposed to the normal fine-print privacy statements you see on sites today," Zynga told ReadWriteWeb . "We want players to understand our policies, have fun while they learn about them, and most importantly, be incented to walk through the tutorial."

It's certainly an interesting take on the plain old privacy policy wall o' text, and heck, we opened up PrivacyVille for the sheer novelty value alone. Whaddaya say, Maximum PC readers: Would you be more inclined to read traditionally boring details like privacy policies or terms of use if they're done in an interesting, interactive way?

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