Facebook Founder is Most Popular Person on Google+

Paul Lilly

There's irony, like an old man turned 98 who wins the lottery and dies the next day, or a death row pardon two minutes too late, as well as several other examples Alanis Morissette gives in her song "Ironic." And then there's the fact that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is currently the most followed user on Google+, the so-called Facebook killer that's harder to get into than Disney's Club 33.

As of this writing, Zuckerberg ranks No. 1 among Google's top 100 most popular Google+ users with 29,543 followers and 68 friends, according to Google+ Statistics . He has nearly 10,000 more followers than Google CEO Larry Page (19,878). That's also nearly more than Google's Senior VP of Social Vic Gundotra (15,793) and Google co-founder Sergey Brin (15,646) combined. And of the three Google bigwigs, Zuckerberg has 68 more Google+ friends than all of them put together.

Google+ Statistics creator Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten offered an explanation to TechCrunch for Zuckerberg's rapid rise to the top of Google+ saying, "He has the most friends in the world, they made a movie about him, and he is more handsome than Larry and Sergey." Chinese general and military strategist Sun Tzu has another explanation, one that goes, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

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