Facebook Dominated by US Users

Ryan Whitwam

At this point, roughly 500 million people use Facebook. With that in mind, analytics firm Pingdom decided to see how those users were distributed throughout the world. No one was particularly surprised when the US came out on top in the numbers. In all, about 130 million of Facebook's users are from the US. The next closest is the UK with 28 million. Right along with the UK are Italy and Indonesia at 26 million users each.

When you look at the proportion of a country's population, the UK actually beats the US. 45.1% of UK residents are on Facebook, while only 41.9% of the US population is. Even though the US is almost a quarter of Facebook's user base, it's increased international appeal is impressive. More region specific social networks are slipping as Facebook continues to gain steam. These numbers just further illustrate the challenge Google will face when, and if, they launch a Facebook competitor.

Image via Pingdom

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