Facebook Dislike Button Scam Coming to a News Feed Near You

Ryan Whitwam

You can "like" things on Facebook, but apparently a huge number of users have been hankering to "dislike" things as well. This is the only conclusion to draw from the rapid spread of the newest scam on the world's top social networking site. The scam revolves around a Facebook application that calls itself "The Official Dislike Button." Here's how the scam works.

Users that install the app will be directed to a survey to complete before they can have the magical dislike button. The survey makes money for the scammers behind this charade. The app will post messages in the individual's news feed to attract more marks -er, users. After finishing up the survey, the app will redirect to a FireFox add-on called FaceMod that just adds a dislike button to the interface. It does not connect to the Facebook system in any way.

So far, a few hundred thousand people have installed the offending app. We also feel the need to point out that the app makes will get access to the users' information. So losing a few minutes completing a survey may not be the extent of the damage done. Has anyone seen this crop up in their news feed?

Image via Sophos

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