Facebook Celebrates 6th Birthday with 400 Million Close Friends


A happy belated birthday goes out to Facebook, the mega-social networking site which turned six years old yesterday . And sure we're a day late in sending along our birthday wishes, but with 400 million users, we probably would have been drowned out in the crowd anyway.

Facebook's rise in popularity during its six-year run is pretty remarkable. In addition to boasting 400 million users, market research firm Hitwise says that the social networking site is a lead news reader, right behind Google, Yahoo, and MSN search. It's no longer just about fun and games.

"Facebook could be a major disruptor to the News and Media category," Hitwise noted . "And with the Wall Street Journal already publishing content to Facebook, perhaps the social network can avoid the run-ins that Google has suffered recently with Rupert Murdoch. We will continue to watch this space. "

It will be interesting to see what the next six years bring.

Image Credit: allfacebook.com

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