Facebook Bringing 15-Second Auto-Play Ads To Your Feed

Brittany Vincent

You may not "like" this status

Advertising has become a bit more intrusive over the years as companies look for newer ways to get their message across, especially when it comes to video ads. Having to click through a video ad on YouTube or your favorite website can be annoying enough, but how about video ads on Facebook?

Facebook is planning to introduce 15-second clips that would autoplay on users' feeds as a way to compete with more traditional methods of advertising such as television commercials. The ads would be shown to users a maximum of three times per day, and would be filtered only by age and gender.

It's already a hassle to click past promotional posts and ads that certainly aren't targeting the correct audiences. It's costing more money than ever for page owners to have their content even seen by the general public.

But Facebook users are Facebook users, and it's likely these 15-second ads aren't going to keep the 80-100 million US users, as Vyralize reports, from logging in each and every day. The insanely popular social networking site is about to start raking in even more dough, and the likes will still pour in.

Would you still continue to use Facebook if video ads are introduced?

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