Facebook Breaks Down "Memology" Trends from 2009

Ryan Whitwam

As each year draws to a close, we find ourselves looking back on it all. Facebook is doing much the same, but the difference is that that have a huge pile of data to comb through so they can figure out just what this last year was all about. They’re calling this “Facebook Memology” . By gauging how often a subject was mentioned in status updates, Facebook was able to rank the ideas, or memes, of 2009.

Some entries in the list are specific words, and some are topics that may be signified by multiple words. The first entry on the list is for “Facebook Applications”. Not too surprising that a lot of people were talking about Farmville this year. “Swine flu” was high on the list with terms like H1N1being thrown around in panicky status updates. “Celebrity Deaths” was also not much of a surprise after the summer the rich and famous had. The middle of the meme list is prey standard stuff: family, movies, sports. “Health Care” makes an appearance, as does “Lady Gaga” for some reason. The list ends with the always self-indulgent "I". Fitting, eh?

In a year when social networking became more commonplace than ever, this might have some real value. Have a look at the full list and detailed explanations of each entry at the story link above. Does this list describe your year?

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