Facebook and Spotify Reportedly Teaming Up to Stream Music to Your Ear

Ryan Whitwam

According to our favorite people, "sources close to the deal", Facebook has partnered with Spotify to bring its music streaming service to American shores. The service will be integrated with the Facebook website right in the news feed. The real kicker here, the service could launch in as little as two weeks.

Spotify has been struggling to reach American users for several years, but licensing deals have been hard to come by. Facebook users will be able to listen to music simultaneously with friends, the sources say. This goes far beyond the rudimentary Facebook Connect social integration Spotify currently has in Europe.

This deal, if accurate, would be huge for both companies. Spotify gets millions more users to prop up their flagging profits. Facebook gets the music streaming service it has been seeking for years, which will nicely compliment their burgeoning movie rental system. Sources claim no money is changing hands in the deal. Would you use Spotify through Facebook?

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