Face the Music: iTunes Faces Chinese Ire for Selling Pro-Tibetan Album


Just before the Beijing Olympic Games drew to their spectacular coda, another case of internet censorship in China came forth. The Associated Press had reported last week that Chinese users were not able to access Apple’s iTunes website .

According to speculation, the ban came after a popular pro-Tibetan album, Songs for Peace, went on sale on iTunes on August 8. On Friday, Apple acknowledged the sudden unavailability of iTunes in China and said that it was investigating the matter. However, it is not known whether or not access to iTunes has been resumed there.

There was always a disconcerting political undertone to the Beijing Olympic Games besides a few controversies in the middle. Nevertheless, it was a great show with some scintillating performances by some of the world’s best sportspersons. I choose to be apolitical but you are free to voice your unbridled opinions in the comments section.

Image Credit: SanrioTown

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